• Geoff Wilson


New Milestone, into the 3's

There was wind early so I was up at sparrows-fart. As soon as I tried to put my boots on I felt sluggish. I brushed it off and got moving with the big Chrono kite. The wind was an odd strength, too much for the big kite but not enough for any of the intermediate sizes. The big kite was was ripping me forward then dropping out of the sky. It was a dead downwind angle through murderous sastrugi fields, difficult at the best of times. I dropped to the 11m kite but the same thing would happen, rip me forward, half fall from the sky, re-power-up, then tear forward with massive load on my hips and back.

Try as I might, I couldn’t hold the bearing and avoid it happening. The megadunes complicated the day as well, I was crossing them at odd angles as I was heading north.

At one point I had a tantrum to blow off some steam and felt a lot better. Yelling into the vastness, F-bombs and flying snow. After 80 very difficult kilometres I called it quits for the day. I’ll rest, eat and sleep to see if I can get my equilibrium back quickly.

The high point of the day was breaking the 3,000 km barrier. Mileage sits at 3,040km tonight, just over 2,200 to Novo then home. I now have relaxed my “steel trap mindset” and meditate on my loved ones, family, friends, beer and food all day to drive me forward!

I remember putting my boots on the morning after cracking the first 1000km barrier, wondering how I could travel another mile. Yet here we are, on the other side of the Dome, on the escalator heading home, Novo here I come. Today was a temporary setback mentally, I'll recharge, refocus and forge my way north.

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