• Geoff Wilson

Biggest Mileage Yet

Wind and ice align

Concerned that I might lose this incredible wind and then be walking to the Dome I got up at 3am and was rocketing along on smooth ice by 5am.

The top of the Dome is immense, imagine an icy Ayers Rock but the top is 100 km wide. So I have chosen KunLun Station (A Chinese Weather Station (abandoned this season) as my go-to point for Dome Argus.

For days now I've been pointing upwind but aware that I was not making the bearing I needed for Kunlun Station. My clever wind-guru had predicted a WNW windshift this afternoon that would allow me to point higher and maybe make the angle I needed to reach KunLun.

Today had everything, wild spindrift and racing kites across smooth ice, to bouncy bang-crash sastrugi and now at 13,000ft, I'm caught in deep powder snow that has ground me and the sleds to a halt after making 192km distance.

Disappointingly only 150 km towards Kunlun partly due to poor navigation by me but also the bend towards Kunlun could only happen as the wind shifted.

The cold is back and I’ve done the Lion share of the climbing now. I am closer than I ever imagined I’d get by kite - I need one more good day of wind.

150 km from the Dome.

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