• Geoff Wilson


A shift in perspective

I kept my families farewell letters hidden in my journal unread so I could read them at the end of leg I. I read them last night - I was a mess. Such amazing words from our 3 kids and sons in law, Simon and Alex. I was torn, half of me wanted to pack up and get back to them the other half inspired to go on. Words so inspired that I'll keep these letters forever. I took something from each letter between frozen-Polar-tears.

As I put my boots on for the day, my feet cried mercy, my hands begged for relief then something Simon wrote came to me…“You worked so hard to get here, don’t allow uncomfortable weather, body aches and fatigue rob your joy from you”.

Wow, incredible wisdom. Each letter had multiple gems like this. Kit’s insight into my drive, incredible. Java’s connection. Jade’s continual boosting support. I started today with a renewed attitude. Every day so far has felt like a battle against this colossal continent, Antarctica. (Aside from day 17 and 26.)

I embraced the sun on my back, (a balmy -27 C) making distance southwards. I listened to incredible music, entering a trance like state, floating through the miles.

Antarctica chimed in with her usual surprises - BAM, rough ice again. Sastrugi, forged by 3 or 4 storms in different directions. In some areas it was hard to find a safe way through. One slip in concentration could lead to a busted leg - this kinds of travel becomes taxing mentally.

After a full day on the kite, I gained 107 km South, before calling it a day.

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