• Geoff Wilson

Just a whisper

The gentle flitting against the tent

With limited wind available, the past two days merged into a cycle of breaking camp quickly with each puff of wind - inching southwards, trying to remain calm despite very tough conditions.

I "eeked" out 42 km in 7 hours of very slow kite-assisted-walking! Then set camp did some repairs and got ready for the wind that was forecast to come in the evening.

I stitched my sled-covers where a wayward spare ski had torn it, as well as sutured and glued my gloves amongst other minor repairs.

Night temperatures as low as 35 below, seem to drive a little more katabatic wind (cold air rolling down slope), so I tried kiting at "night" (albeit the sunlight is continual) last night.

The wind was less than 5 knots in blowing towards the POI which is a terrible angle for me (as sailors would know - you can’t utilise angles to your advantage or build apparent wind and can never exceed wind speed.) So today was tough - exposed the cold continuously for 14 and a half hours to make 56 km towards the POI.

In honesty, conditions have been on the heavier side of tough.

Had a great chat with Sarah, offering invaluable perspective. I've been feeling the gravity of isolation with these testing conditions. Only 900km left to the POI.

Drive on - Praying for wind

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