• Geoff Wilson

Just an Ilyushin

An early pickup, heart wrenching goodbye to Sarah and there "she" was, the big Russian Ilyushin Aircraft bound for Antarctica.

With no windows to judge distance or time, trapped inside the large, vacuous hold made time crawl - 6 long hours. Suddenly, there was a solid bump as we made contact with Novolarevskaya’s blue ice runway - I am back in Antarctica once again. The cold blast outside woke me up with a start and the enormity of the challenge ahead quickly sank in. The wind chill and familiar howling noise was sobering in its intensity.

Unloading proceeded quickly and pretty soon I had all my sleds and gear stashed at the base and am now in search of fuel and the timing of my lift up to 9,000 feet tomorrow on the Ice-Trucks. The start point of “ThorsHammer” will be a bleak and desolate place if this wind doesn’t abate overnight but alas let's leave tomorrow for tomorrow.

I am here, I am in good health and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude has pushed the cold away for now.

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