• Geoff Wilson

New Resolve

I've managed 208 km today. My left foot demanded a stop and so I listened, I was exhausted. Tent up I sat there and celebrated the day.

Thorshammer is 165 km to the North West, I hope to make it soon, wind allowing, however, I have to be careful to remain patient. I have pushed hard to keep a high bearing, so I can make it through the tiny gap at Thorshammer and avoid all the crevasses as I drop off the plateau. I did drop to 10,000 feet today, I have been living above 11,500 feet for over 40 days!


I thought I'd include some of my personal resolutions here below.

New Years resolutions

  • Take my wife on a date weekly to make up for years of expedition stress

  • Have weekly catchups with the kids

  • Talk slowly, take more time with people

  • Hug more

  • Do some thing warm!

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