• Geoff Wilson

Spring Cleaning

Dome Argus, I'm coming for you!

The wind gurus called for light wind then building at noon local time to 8-13 knots. Another upwind beat across the sastrugi line but what a blessing the wind was.

I slept till six then had a leisurely breakfast of Brookfarm Polar Granola and Blackboard coffee (you can try them both yourself too!) I decided to have my first wash in 30 days! Hot water, soap and reconstituted flannel towel. Glorious - I felt like a king afterwards.

Not expecting wind till midday I moved like lightning when the tent began to rustle at 8am. I had noticed two cracks yesterday on sled 2, on its starboard beam and had promised I'd repack, check the sled completely and lighten its load. Definitely some alarming wear on sled 2. So I re-distributed weight accordingly to take off the extra strain on sled 1. By 9:30am, I was moving with ease upwind towards Dome A.

My soul sang and I worked hard all day to make ground. Twice, my left ski binding simply ejected my boot at speed. The consequence was immediate and dramatic. To an onlooker it would have looked like I'd been shot. Ski gone, boot digs into snow ridge, I cartwheel headfirst into ice, then get skull dragged 30 metres like a corpse until I can get kite under control. I had to disconnect the sled, eject my other ski then crab-walk with the kite back to my wayward ski and restart again. It’s not good, I'll examine the binding tomorrow.

Anyhow more wind forecast tonight so I'll roll the clock again. Dinner, 4 hours sleep and another 8 hour upwind slog.

The miracle is that I'm inching closer and will be in the shadow of the dome within days.

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