• Geoff Wilson

The Bone-lands

My mind drifted into the “bone lands” scene from the Lion King, crawling with hyenas and danger lurking in every moment. The satrugi was so challenging to weave through, a calous and unforgiving maze of gnarled ice. I tried to stay positive, keep a good attitude and enjoy myself, despite the discomfort on my body. This lasted all of five minutes, soon I was raging at the ice all around me. -32C below chewed through 4 layers of gloves as I negotiated through corridors of gouged and distressed looking ice my good attitude, gone!

It looks as though the plateau has suffered through some serious winter storms to gouge the ice this heavily, and in two differing directions. This could go on for days or even weeks!

The big 18m kite was moving me too fast to negotiate the ice walls effectively, after two dangerous dismounts, I decided to reduce size to the 11m. The slower pace was frustrating but much safer. I keep reminding myself I’m in the endurance event of my life, no point risking injury - patience first. Drawing a deep breath I resolved to lower my daily mileage expectations and just do my best to get through this tortured ice section.

Antarctica is throwing everything she has at me. I am adjusting, deflecting, adapting, working as hard as I can to keep body and soul together. Trying to stay ahead of her. Yesterday I felt beaten. Today I am stoked to have picked my way over 95km (prob skied 150 km in a wriggly line!) and have arrested feelings of frustration realising that tomorrow I will break the 2000 km mark and be over 1/3 of the way home!

I also crossed the 84th line of Latitude South today, so with all of that I am physically beaten tonight but in good spirits with plenty of fight within me yet.

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