• Geoff Wilson

Tribute to Kitale

The Wolves of fear and loneliness travel with any solo Polar Traveler. Anyone who denies this is either lying to you or not in touch with themselves at all. You try to block them, control them and not feed them but there are just days when they get fed.

My son Kitale is 19 today, and for only the second time in his life I’m not there. It’s a day that the wolf of loneliness gets fed for me.

Quick review of the day then I'll get on and embarrass my dear son!

Storm this morning, no visibility, gusts close to 30 knots with snow. I sat it out till 11am and managed to get going with the little storm kite, then wind started to drop after making just 25km of headway. So finally after 44 days my favourite kite of all got to play - the subzero 7m did so well for another 25km then the wind really died.

The big kite ended the day until snow returned and wind dropped further - I inched out 82 km - not my best day for mileage, but all in the right direction.

To Kit:

Kit and I have been very blessed to adventure together more than most Dad’s and sons, this and the fact that when he was six he saved my life (3 beer story) has meant we are very close. So it pains me genuinely to miss today. He is an exceptional young man now and all who meet him are aware of that. The outdoors, continuous (ADD DAD) activity, adventures, Mum’s incredible wisdom, Dad’s brains, Mum’s looks (wink Sarah), two incredible sisters, a solid faith, love for nature, love for people have shaped a man destined for greatness. Kit is humble, kind, strong now, an emerging climbing prodigy, respectful, has a wicked sense of humour, never tramples on others to get to his path and through his mother’s and sister’s teaching always treats women well. Kit is a man I am immensely proud of, he is my best mate and I will miss him dearly this day more than most. I love you my man, I shall continue to be careful and I will get home soon. Happy birthday my dear son.

Ps - if you zoom in on the Kite-cam shot there is a message in the snow. (Drone died at POI.)

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